Border Collies Needing Homes
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Border Collies Needing Homes

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 Rules for posting a dog in a PRIVATE HOME

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Rules for posting a dog in a PRIVATE HOME Empty
PostSubject: Rules for posting a dog in a PRIVATE HOME   Rules for posting a dog in a PRIVATE HOME EmptyMon Jul 01, 2013 1:49 am

If you have a BORDER COLLIE you are trying to privately rehome you can post on here in the section 'Private dogs for rehoming (ie NOT from a rescue centre)'.

Arrow  The dog must be a genuine dog in need of rehoming and current owners need to be prepared for the possible heartbreak involved to give the dog up to a new owner
Arrow   No litters or puppies for sale are permitted on this forum, it is for genuine rescue dogs only
Arrow   In subject heading you must put dogs name & area in the UK
Arrow   The dog must be a collie (ie no other breeds).
Arrow   You must be honest about any description of your dog.
Arrow   The dog MUST BE NEUTERED (or it will be removed from this forum).
Arrow   You need to be prepared to FULLY check out any home offer made, by visiting the home, the entire family and trying to make as many checks as possible on the person offering your dog a home.
Arrow   A contact number or email needs to be shown.
Arrow   You must put in the area in the UK the dog is.
Arrow   Upload an image if possible or link to a photo image elsewhere on the internet.
Arrow   You need to update your site listing if the dog is rehomed.

Exclamation   If no update is received in 4 months then we will assume the dog is rehomed and will delete the posting.

Rehoming your dog should be a very last resort situation.
Please ensure you have asked for help from good kind method trainers (see APDT site for contacts near you).
Link to APDT trainers - click on your area name for list of trainers:

If you are 100% sure you cannot keep your dog, then firstly please try to contact a good rescue centre. Putting your dog into a good rescue centre should ensure they go to a good home, homechecks, lifestyle and background checks will be done AND the rescue should provide backup if the adopter changes their mind. Alot of people shy away from putting their dogs into a centre, but a good rescue will make sure your dog ends up in the right new home.
If you will not or cannot find a rescue space, then please for the sake of your dog make sure any home offered is a genuine home.
Arrow  Visit the house BEFORE handing over the dog. Ask to see ALL the family, maybe even speak to the neighbours! Ask the new owners if they know the local dog club, local vets, local walking places. ASK, ASK and ask again!
Arrow  WHY? Because the nicest people appear on your doorstep offering your dog a home, and yet once it has left your premises it CAN and DOES end up in the most awful homes. Some females have been known to end up used as breeding machines in puppy farms or backyard breeders, and some have ended up being used as 'bait' dogs for the dog fighting fraternity.

SO PLEASE PLEASE check out any home as thoroughly as you can. You surely owe your dog that much regardless of your need to rehome them?

See READ FIRST (the first section of this forum) for how to add a post and photos.
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Rules for posting a dog in a PRIVATE HOME
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