Border Collies Needing Homes
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Border Collies Needing Homes

Welcome to Border Collies Needing Homes Forum. Please REGISTER to post on here. When posting please always choose the heading title carefully. Read the rules for adding posts. No rudeness will be tolerated.
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This site is for users of Border Collies Needing Homes website and facebook site.
You will need to Register as a user on this forum (click on register button and fill in your details).
You can post about dogs you have adopted, or your own collies, or just comment about collies generally. It is not a general topic forum.
This forum will be moderated.
Please do not be unkind or rude to other posters or to rescue centres on this forum.
Any rudeness, critiscm or personal attacks will not be allowed and posts will be deleted and the offender blocked from using this site.
The moderators decision is final in all matters.

If you have adopted a dog via these sites then we would love for you to put regular updates on here.

To post a message, firstly decide on the forum best suited to the subject of your post.

Firstly CLICK on the 'READ FIRST' heading under the subject forum where you wish to add a post.

Then CLICK on red 'NewTopic' button, type your update (remember to put a clear subject heading of more than 10 charcaters into the relevant box) and then scroll down a bit and press 'send' button (bottom centre)

If you make a mistake or want to alter your post, click on your post and then click in 'Edit' button (top right of your post), remember to click on 'send' again once edited.

If you want to add future updates on the same subject, please click on the 'Post Reply' button to add a reply your original post - please do not start another new topic unless it is on a different subject (ie try to keep all posts on one subject together).

To return to the main index at any time, click on 'HOME' wording at top left of page.
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How to Post
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