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Border Collies Needing Homes

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 How to Post & add photos ..

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How to Post & add photos ..  Empty
PostSubject: How to Post & add photos ..    How to Post & add photos ..  EmptyMon Jul 01, 2013 1:38 am

If you have adopted a dog via these sites then we would love for you to put regular updates on here.

To post a message, firstly decide on the forum best suited to the subject of your post.

Firstly CLICK on the 'READ FIRST' heading under the subject forum where you wish to add a post.

Then CLICK on red 'NewTopic' button, type your update (remember to put a clear subject heading of more than 10 charcaters into the relevant box) and then scroll down a bit and press 'send' button (bottom centre)  

If you make a mistake or want to alter your post, click on your post and then click in 'Edit' button (top right of your post), remember to click on 'send' again once edited.

If you want to add future updates on the same subject, please click on the 'Post Reply' button to add a reply your original post - please do not start another new topic unless it is on a different subject (ie try to keep all posts on one subject together).


Unfortunately you cannot add photos directly into posts on here .. but what you can do is put your photos into an online album elsewhere on the web and then copy and paste the URL (the individual address of your picture, which can be obtained from your 'browser' line) into your post.  Then your photos will appear in your posts.

You can use the online album linked to this forum (which I have not checked out), which you get to by clicking on the format button showing a picture and a floppy disk together, follow instructions on adding photos accordingly.

There are several online supplies of photo albums.  But if you want to use the Border Collies Needing Homes one you are welcome to do so - instructions are below:

USING BORDER COLLIES NEEDING HOMES photobucket site (please ignore all advertising on this site - its a free site so advertising pop ups are a unfortunate side effect!):

Link to site here: PHOTOBUCKET SITE

You need to PRIVATE MESSAGE  the admin on this site to get the log in details to access the photo site .. once on it you do the following:

>  Click 'Library'
>  Click '+ Create new Album' and give it a personal name (ie your name or the dogs name)
>  Click on the pale square with the photo image on it
>  Click on 'Choose Photos & Videos' button
>  Click on your photos to upload

Once photos have uploaded:
>  Click on each one that you want to add into your message on here.
>  To the right of each photo there should be a box stating 'IMG' please copy that and then click on the icon above that looks like a photo with a small '+' sign on it .. paste in the link into your message.
>  Repeat for all photos.

Alternatively you could just copy and paste the URL from your browser into your message which could be clicked on for people to view photos directly on photobox.  

PLEASE ALWAYS REMEMBER TO 'LOG OUT' once you have done your uploading so others can use the site .. to log out, click on the small downward arrow beside the words 'bordercolliesneedinghomes' and check on log out.

Any problems please private message me on here.
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How to Post & add photos ..
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